Decoding life's inner workings - advances in quantitative bioimaging

Authors: Ricardo Henriques, Christophe Leterrier, Aubrey Weigel
Editorial published in Open Biology, November 2023
Publisher: The Royal Society

Decoding life's inner workings - advances in quantitative bioimaging
DOI: 10.1098/rsob.230329

This special feature of Open Biology, titled ‘Advances in Quantitative Bioimaging’, proposes an overview of the latest advancements in quantitative bioimaging techniques and their wide-ranging applications. The articles cover various topics, including modern imaging methods that enable visualization on a nanoscale, such as super-resolution microscopy and single-particle analysis. These techniques offer unparalleled insights into complex molecular structures and dynamic cellular processes in situ, such as mapping nuclear pore proteins or tracking single histone deposition events throughout the cell cycle. The articles presented in this edition showcase cutting-edge quantitative imaging techniques coupled with advanced computational analysis capable of precisely measuring biological structures and processes. Examples range from correlating calcium release events to underlying protein organization in heart cells to pioneering tools for categorizing changes in microglia morphology under various conditions. This editorial highlights how these advancements are revolutionizing our understanding of living systems, while acknowledging challenges that must be addressed to fully exploit the potential of these emerging technologies, such as improving molecular probes, algorithms and correlation protocols.