Recognition in "Mapping ERC Frontier Research - Artificial Intelligence" report

Posted on Tue 26 March 2024 in news

In the news

Our ERC Consolidator project, SelfDriving4DSR, has been prominently featured in the "Mapping ERC Frontier Research - Artificial Intelligence" report by the European Research Council (ERC).

This report offers an in-depth analysis of the ERC's portfolio of projects that are either developing, utilizing, or studying artificial intelligence (AI). It highlights how the ERC-funded, curiosity-driven research is shaping policies to position the EU as a global leader in human-centric and trustworthy AI [1].

Our project, SelfDriving4DSR, was spotlighted in the Physical Sciences and Engineering section as a prime example of cutting-edge AI research. The report underscores our objective to integrate computational optical microscopy with machine learning to create self-driving microscopes that can adapt in real-time to the biological phenomena under observation.

Our innovative approach allows for intelligent automatic adjustment of imaging parameters, enabling 4D live-cell nanoscopic imaging to capture previously unobserved cellular events, such as the progression of viral infection, over extended periods. The report also acknowledges our contribution to the open-source ZeroCostDL4Mic platform, which offers deep learning networks, pre-trained models, and datasets in microscopy for the research community.

We are immensely happy to see our work acknowledged by the ERC as a testament to the pivotal role of frontier research in addressing the societal, economic, and ethical challenges presented by AI. This recognition fuels our commitment to continue advancing the frontiers of AI-powered microscopy to expedite scientific discovery.

You can read the full "Mapping ERC Frontier Research - Artificial Intelligence" report here [1].


[1] European Commission, European Research Council Executive Agency. "Mapping ERC frontier research artificial intelligence." Publications Office of the European Union, 2024.