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Implementing a GitHub self-hosted runner on a Synology NAS

Posted on Tue 16 January 2024 in tutorials • Tagged with coding, tutorial

This tutorial provides detailed instructions on how to install and configure a GitHub self-hosted runner Docker container on a Synology NAS. By exposing the Docker socket and mounting volumes, Docker-in-Docker functionality can be achieved, enabling the building of GitHub Actions workflows.

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We have a new website, this one =)

Posted on Fri 12 January 2024 in news • Tagged with about, coding

A behind the scenes view of how we created our new website and automated a lot of its information.

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How we created the wordcloud for our research page

Posted on Mon 08 January 2024 in tutorials • Tagged with coding, tutorial

How we make the wordclouds about our research. Includes a how-to python guide.

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