Research Team

Anna Kreshuk

Anna Kreshuk

Group Leader

EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

Anna Kreshuk is a Group Leader at the EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany. She leads the Machine Learning for Image Analysis group.

Publications with our group (see more on Google Scholar):

Bioimage model zoo - a community-driven resource for accessible deep learning in bioimage analysis
Wei Ouyang, Fynn Beuttenmueller, Estibaliz Gómez-de-Mariscal, Constantin Pape, Tom Burke, Carlos Garcia-López-de-Haro, Craig Russell, Lucía Moya-Sans, Cristina de-la-Torre-Gutiérrez, Deborah Schmidt, Dominik Kutra, Maksim Novikov, Martin Weigert, Uwe Schmidt, Peter Bankhead, Guillaume Jacquemet, Daniel Sage, Ricardo Henriques, Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, Emma Lundberg, Florian Jug, Anna Kreshuk
Preprint published in bioRxiv, January 2022
Technologies: BioImage Model Zoo and ZeroCostDL4Mic
Funded by: CZI, EMBO, ERC and H2021
DOI: 10.1101/2022.06.07.495102

Funding with our group

Real-Time high-content Super-Resolution Imaging of ES Cell States
Eran Meshorer, Ricardo Henriques, Anna Kreshuk, Sandrine Lévêque-Fort, Nicolas Bourg, Genevieve Almouzni
Alias: RT-SuperES
Funded by: H2022 - EIC Pathfinder Open
Duration: April 2022 - March 2027
Publications: 6
Artificial Intelligence for Image Data Analysis in the Life Sciences
Anna Kreshuk, Florian Jug, Ricardo Henriques, Wei Ouyang, Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, Emma Lundberg, Matthew Hartley
Alias: AI4Life
Funded by: H2021 - INFRA
Duration: September 2021 - August 2025
Publications: 10