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Robert Gray

Robert Gray

PhD Student

Started in: September 2015

Ended in: December 2018

Funding: UCL CoMPLEX Studentship

Robert was a 4-year PhD Student in our research group. Was supervised by Ricardo Henriques and Jason Mercer. Thesis can be found here. Worked on 3 publications. Contributed to 1 technology. Collaborated with 2 labs.

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Jason Mercer

Jason Mercer

University of Birmingham
Birmingham, UK

Joint: 6 4

Pedro Matos Pereira

Pedro Matos Pereira

Oeiras, Portugal

Joint: 19 3


NanoJ-VirusMapper NanoJ-VirusMapper

Publications with our group

Nanoscale polarization of the entry fusion complex of vaccinia virus drives efficient fusion
Robert D. M. Gray, David Albrecht, Corina Beerli, Moona Huttunen, Gary H. Cohen, Ian J. White, Jemima J. Burden, Ricardo Henriques, Jason Mercer
Paper published in Nature Microbiology, July 2019
Technologies: NanoJ and NanoJ-VirusMapper
Funded by: BBSRC and Wellcome Trust
Blogs: Nature Microbiology Community
DOI: 10.1038/s41564-019-0488-4
Open-source single-particle analysis for super-resolution microscopy with VirusMapper
Robert DM Gray, Jason Mercer, Ricardo Henriques
Paper published in JoVE, January 2017
Technologies: NanoJ-VirusMapper
Funded by: BBSRC
DOI: 10.3791/55471
VirusMapper - open-source nanoscale mapping of viral architecture through super-resolution microscopy
Robert DM Gray, Corina Beerli, Pedro Matos Pereira, Kathrin Maria Scherer, Jerzy Samolej, Christopher Karl Ernst Bleck, Jason Mercer, Ricardo Henriques
Paper published in Scientific reports, January 2016
Technologies: NanoJ-VirusMapper
Funded by: BBSRC
DOI: 10.1038/srep29132