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Afonso Mendes

Afonso Mendes

PhD Student

Started in: February 2021

Funding: ERC Grant

Afonso is a 4th-year PhD Student in our research group. Is supervised by Ricardo Henriques and João Mamede. Worked on 2 publications. Collaborates with 1 lab.

Afonso is interested in studying the assembly and functionality of supramolecular complexes between host and pathogen factors. His approach involves the development and application of super-resolution microscopy guided by machine-learning algorithms to describe these structures at the nanometer scale.

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Christophe Leterrier

Christophe Leterrier

Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, INP
Marseille, France

Joint: 9

Publications with our group

Mapping molecular complexes with super-resolution microscopy and single-particle analysis
Afonso Mendes, Hannah S. Heil, Simao Coelho, Christophe Leterrier, Ricardo Henriques
Paper published in Open Biology, July 2022
Technologies: NanoJ-VirusMapper, Nuclear-Pores as references and ZeroCostDL4Mic
Funded by: EMBO, ERC and Wellcome Trust
DOI: 10.1098/rsob.220079
The field guide to 3D printing in microscopy
Mario Del Rosario, Hannah S Heil, Afonso Mendes, Vittorio Saggiomo, Ricardo Henriques
Review published in Adv. Biol., January 2021
Technologies: CARE, NanoJ, NanoJ-Fluidics and NanoJ-SRRF
Funded by: EMBO, ERC and Wellcome Trust
DOI: 10.1002/adbi.202100994